New Genesis Symphony by Karlson

Genesis Symphony by Karlson

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Genesis Symphony Ropes by Karlson

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Genesis Symphony Ropes by Karlson

Basilisk (1 meter, 0.05 mm) ROUND 5x8x0.05 NiChrome

Basilisk-LR (1 meter, 0.06 mm) ROUND 4x8x0.06 NiChrome

Agent HR (1 meter, 0.06 mm) FLAT 4x8x0.06 NiChrome

Agent007 (1 meter, 0.07 mm) FLAT 4x8x0.07 NiChrome

LethalWeapon24 (1 meter, 0.08 mm) FLAT 3x8x0.08 NiChrome

Utah-LR (0.8 meter, 0.08 mm) FLAT 2x10x0.08 NiChrome

Accompanied by a sample of Mesh Karlson

Sold individually

Clean ready to use

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