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Sale of electronic cigarettes, accessories and eliquides

VapStor, for whom? Why ?

Whether you want to stop smoking or just gradually reduce your consumption, vaping is the simplest and most enjoyable solution! Vapstor makes a point of honor to offer only the best electronic cigarettes of the best brands! We also offer all the necessary accessories to make the most of your vaping.

Our offer

The electronic cigarette, also known as "e-cigarette" or e-cigarette, allows you to make significant savings. In addition to this undeniable advantage, this alternative offers you the opportunity to use products with varied aromas for moments of gourmet pleasures. From the most fruity to the freshest through the more sober classic blond and classic brown, the possibilities are endless!

You are difficult and regret that it is not possible to make one's own liquid? Think again ! We offer you all the necessary equipment to create your own ecigarette liquid! You will be able to choose the aromas as well as the nicotine rate of your product. More than fifteen concentrates (from menthol to fruity and greedy) to be diluted in bases using our complete kits.

The physical shop

We do not just offer a wide range on the internet, we also have a physical store in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon. Our team will be happy to advise you and guide you in the purchase of your e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette liquid made for you because we know that choosing a cigarette can seem complicated the first time!

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