EVM SE Black by Estoque Mods

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EVM SE Black by Estoque Mods

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EVM SE Black by Estoque Mods

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  • EVM SE Black by Estoque Mods

    EVM is the first creation Box MOSFET Bottom Feeder by Estoque Mods.

    This box is a jewelry, very light and compact with an perfect exterior and interior design.
    Equipped with the Mosfet RTS 1.0 iVibe, module with feedback by vibration to warn users about battery life and the state lock / unlock.

    The EVM by Estoque Mods is equipped with a white bottle SQ of 10 ml.
    The aluminum shell protects the internal components as well as a polycarbonate and ABS case for the protection of the Mosfet.

    Silver-plated contacts and gold-plated battery contacts guarantee solid performance in 18650 format and are able to provide the power needed for this dual RTS 1.0 iVibe MOSFET.


    Mod BF iVibe MOSFET
    1x 18650 battery
    Dual MOSFET: RTA1.0 - (Original Estoque Design)
    Connector 510: Manual adjustment (reverse screw) via a 2.0 mm Allen key
    Height: 73.5mm
    Width: 45.5mm
    Thickness: 26mm
    Estoque SQ bottle: 10 ml capacity of food grade silicon.
    Each mod comes with a standard clear bottle.

    Black and red SQ replacement cylinders are optional and include a sealing cap for prefilled transport.

    Features of the iVibe RTS 1.0 Dual MOSFET:

    Low resistance protection (short circuit).
    Supports atomizers from 0.075 O.
    Power is turned off after 8 seconds security
    Reverse polarity protection.
    Locking / unlocking the device for safe transport.
    Vibrate once to indicate switch lock. Vibrate twice to indicate that the switch is unlocked.

    LED battery level indicator:

    Green LED: 70 - 100%
    White LED: 30 - 70%
    Red LED: 0 - 30%

    Locking / Unlocking Power:

    Press the power button 3 times in 2 seconds to lock / unlock.
    Vibrate once to indicate the lock. Vibrate twice to indicate unlocking.

    Turn on / off the LED light while shooting (stealth mode):

    Lock the device.
    Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the LED blinks white to indicate the status change.
    Unlock for use.

    IVibe technical features:

    Turn off (locked): vibrate once
    Power on (unlocked): vibrates twice
    Low battery indicator: vibrates 3 times when the voltage has dropped to 30% of the total capacity, or below 3.5 volts. The LED turns red.
    Power failure / Power security: vibrates 3 times _ The RED LED flashes 3 times when the battery voltage drops to 3.2 Volts.
    To protect the battery, the chip assumes that the battery is discharged at this level and that the device turns off to protect the cell from a deep discharge.
    Short circuit warning: the red LED flashes 5 times and vibrates twice. No power will be output on connector 510.


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