Utoob Maple Burl by U-MODS

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Utoob Maple Burl by U-MODS

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Utoob Maple Burl by U-MODS

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Utoob Maple Burl by U-MODS


Mosfet : Clickfet

Battery : 18350

Top : 24mm custom 510 adapter

VERSION Maple Burl 18350

+ DripTip Maple Burl

Put the battery with the positive down

Clickfet Functions and LED information:

- Low Resistance Protection: When resistance is 0.08 ± 0.01Ω LED's flash 3 times and will not power the mosfet. This is also Short Protection.
- On/Off Function: When off, 5 clicks turns on and LEDs flash 5 times. When on, 5 clicks turns off and LED's flash 5 times.
- Low Voltage: When battery is lower than 3.1 ± 0.1V LEDs flash 10 times and will not power the mosfet.
- Time Out Protection: If the mod is fired for 10 ± 1s the LEDs will flash 8 times and will stop powering the mosfet.
- Reverse Polarity Protection. If the battery is around the wrong way the mod will fire. The Mosfet will not get destroyed
- In Use: When powering the mosfet the LEDs will be on.